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Car Slut Confessions: Korean Luxury Is Real

When it comes to car buying advice, I’m certainly no Consumer Reports. Can I tell you if this year’s Honda Accord is superior to the one before? Hell no. Do I know the new Prius inside and out? Yawn. Sorry, no interest. Unless, of course, it’s covered in marshmallows. But what I can tell you is which upscale vehicle will dramatically increase your happiness quotient...

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2018 Stinger GT1 Review: Kia’s Ass Kicker

A few weeks ago, walked out of the fancy Mr. C hotel in Beverly Hills. After handing the adorable 20-something valet guy my ticket, he ran and returned with my car, a Stinger GT. As I got in the vehicle, he said, “Hey um..I’m sorry..but WHAT IS THIS CAR? It’s beautiful.” I gave him my signature sh*t-eating grin and replied, “A Kia.” Then I tossed...

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