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Kiss My Carpool! A Mother’s Day Manifesto

A few minutes ago, my daughter uttered some of the most dreaded words a mother can hear, “Hey Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?” Ug. Seriously? We spend basically every waking hour together. You don’t have a clue? Ok, fine kid, how about any of the following: A medically induced coma, a Ferrari 812 Superfast, a full-time masseuse, a magic spell that makes my...

Dude or Douchebag: Mother’s Day Gifting

Hi guys! Fellas. Bro-cha-chos.  We’ve got kinda a good thing going here, right?  I’m your gal pal, your friend who is a girl, the one that never leads you astray from any potential v-jay-jay.  So I’m here to tell you, as your friend, this nugget of wisdom: If You F-up Mother’s Day, You’re Screwed! Valentine’s? Important. Anniversary? Significant. That time she gained 30 pounds to...

Holy Mother Of Saab

This Mother's Day, I'm appreciating the Motorhead Mamas in my family and how they made me the woman I am today. You see, I come from a long, proud line of sharp- tongued, red-blooded and lead-footed women. My grandmother once drove her pale pink Aries K up onto the sidewalk, proceeded to flatten a stop sign and immediately instructed us in the backseat to "quit your worrying." (Grandma's weapon of choice, the...

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