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Mama Loves Maya: An Angelou Automotive Tribute

I know you think Maya Angelou had nothing to do with cars, but I beg to differ. Maybe she didn’t drive, maybe she didn’t even own a car, but that’s not the point. For she was the epitome of what makes a Motorhead Mama– having the guts to ignore the haters, yank on a push up bra, raise our chin and let our freak flag fly!  Here’s what the words of Dr. Maya...

Freak of the Week: Paris Hilton

As I was driving home from work the other day, I was lured into a parking lot by this: Yes, it’s a Bentley with a trunk that’s vaguely open and no, I didn’t peek inside.  Instead, I zoomed in on the crystal encrusted, monogrammed logo & snapped this: Then I realized, this is not just another customized, $200,000 ride.  That “PH” wasn’t just for anyone. This was Paris, baby.  Paris Hilton....

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