2019 VW eGolf: The Enthusiast’s EV


Most electric vehicles are hard for auto enthusiasts to embrace. The ugly designs, the skinny tires, the terrible tuning, the ludicrous price tags– as rule, the answer to many EV questions is.. nah, I’m good. Luckily, every rule has an exception. The VW eGolf is one of the most fun ways you can break the rules without getting arrested.


Tesla was one of the first to offer an exhilarating EV with their pre-Elon masterpiece, the Tesla Roadster. But since the new one will cost a solid $200k, it won’t exactly be the daily driver for the masses.

eGolf Topanga Canyon

So what’s an Earth loving enthusiast to do? We’ve been forced to drive ugly. We’ve had to plug in at every stop. We’ve paid WAY TOO MUCH. Well, snap out of it, because your EV dreams are coming true. I’m delighted to report that the new eGolf is just as much fun as its predecessor but with new technologies and extended range.

The eGolf may be small but its use of space is so intelligent, you won’t miss a bigger car.

The VW eGolf has been in this country since 2015. (see my OG eGolf review here) That version had a range of only 83 miles, so when they upgraded this vehicle to include an EPA estimated 125 mile range, many of us were thrilled. And since 2015, there have been many new electric vehicles to hit the market. But if I’m honest, very few have been truly appealing, particularly at this price range. With a starting price of $31,895 (before $7500 in federal incentives and another $2500 from California), it is honestly really hard NOT to fall for the eGolf.

Here’s the breakdown of why it is, or isn’t, worth your hard earned dough:

eGolf dash

The Good

  • That sound when the torque kicks in. If I could capture this, I’d make it my ringtone.
  • The VW’s understated luxury is perfectly appealing while remaining 0% douchey.
  • The way this thing handles is extraordinary. The eGolf makes the Model X feel like a boat (the only EV I’ve driven with comparable performance is the Jaguar iPace, which is costs twice as much).
  • Better range means less stress, plus the high-speed charging is fantastic.
  • The time-proven body-style embraces all parking spaces and laughs at your spotless SUV.
  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go makes even the worst traffic bearable.

The Bad

  • I got terrible range, thanks to my lead foot and the steep incline of my mountain home.
  • Ava and Freya hated the way it looked. But both came around because we had such fun.
  • A few of my friends joked about me still being in college because of my Golf. I told them they were old farts and could shove it up their Prius.
eGolf back seat

The Verdict

Thanks to its improvements while maintaining its thrilling ride quality, the VW eGolf joins the Leaf and the iPace in my favorite EV category. I would drive this thing in a red hot minute. In fact, don’t be surprised if you see one in my driveway. If you love driving, you’ll love this car. The fact that you are saving the planet will just be a bonus prize.


Mom, if you love the eGolf so much, why don’t you just marry it?

Good question, kids.

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