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2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Crew Max Highlights

Man, that’s a lot of words for a pickup. Let’s break down what that all means before we get into it:

  • 2021 – The year after 2020
  • Toyota Tundra – The big truck, not the Tacoma
  • TRD Pro – Toyota Racing Development’s off-roading package
  • CrewMax – A shorter bed but a pimp back seat
  • MSRP $53,050 (+options)
color shown: Lunar Rock

It’s 2021. Some of us are diving headfirst into electrification, while the rest of us are wondering what the hell they’re smoking in California. Through this, houses must be built, gardens must be tended, and since most motocross bikes aren’t street legal, many require a badass gas-powered truck. For that, much of the world still needs stuff like this, The 2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Crew Max. Here’s what’s cool about it:

THAT Tundra TRD Dual Exhaust

5.7L V8

While many of the upcoming EV trucks (like the Cybertruck) say “weeeeeeeeee!” this one says “grrrrrrrrrrr”, and it’s beautiful. And it’s not just the sound it’s the..

Big Truck Acceleration

When you get on it, this truck is more than willing to oblige. Plus, I’m not gonna lie, it feels really awesome driving something so powerful and so big. It really helps that it has..

Big Truck Performance, Little Truck Maneuverability

I took this thing through a Starbucks drive-through. I navigated a tiny parking structure in Manhattan Beach. Hell, I parallel parked this bitch in WeHo! All without breaking a sweat. And despite the condescending glares from my onlookers, I felt like a boss.

Tundra TRD

Cup Holders For Days

Guys, I counted 12 cup holders in this bad boy. Sounds like too much? Really? Please count how many half-empty bottles you have rolling around in your vehicle. Am I right? This is particularly useful if you need a..

tundra cup holders

Legit Crew Cab

If you’ve ever suffered through the hell that is most back seats, you’ll appreciate the fact that these rear seats are dreamy. How did I know? Zero complaints from my occupants. That’s something that only happens in luxury vehicles. But the comfy seats and cup holders couldn’t make up for the lack of USBs. Lame!

Fully Adjustable Rear Window

If you don’t think this matters, go ahead, drive for at least 20 minutes with three smelly dogs, dudes, or teens. Let me know how that works out for you.

Toyota has just leaked shots of the new 2022 Tundra TRD and it looks like a beast. That’s great news if you like the 2021 edition, because they’ll need to make room and you’re likely to find some sweet incentives!

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