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I Saw The Future: 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge

The analyst dorks at Ernst & Young recently released a report telling us that by 2033, only 1% of new global car sales will be ICE (Internal Combustion Engines). This is not new information to Volvo, who just a few years ago, promised to have a fully electric fleet by 2030. To do this, they need to both reconfigure their existing fleet and also release some new ones. Enter the C40 Recharge, the first EV designed to be that way from Day One.

When I heard about this vehicle, I was like “Meh, whatevs. The world doesn’t need another ugly crossover coupe.” But then I saw a photo. Even then, I was all, “Press photos are notoriously sexy, lemme see this b*tch in person.” So when I got the invite to sit in this bad boy for real, I ran outta the house like Bill Cosby being released from prison.

Here’s the deal. It looks good. Real good. Between you and me, if it hadn’t, I’d be pissed. Volvo may not get everything right but they certainly always get everything pretty. But that’s not all, here’s what I dug about the C40 Recharge:

C40 Recharge: Look At Them Wheels

EVs are notoriously always on the wrong wheels. So no matter how cool the car’s design is if you put them on baby wheels it looks lame. Like putting a hot guy in those damn shoes with toes.


I don’t care who is on the other end of these atrocities, no amount of hotness can put that hideous genie back in the bottle. For further automotive examples, please refer to the BMW i3. Volvo’s designers clearly got that message because check out these kicks:

Now we’re talking.

Check Out Dat Ass!

Most Crossover Coupes rear ends resemble the rear views in a Loehman’s dressing room. Meaning they usually burn my eyes. Burn! But someone gave the C40 Recharge a Brazilian Butt Lift. It’s still weird but it’s polished. No painful angles that scream ‘You’ll regret this in a few years.’ Dare I say it looks good?

Volvo C40 Recharge Studio

Google Has Your Heavy Lifting

I’m not a Siri superuser. I’m not friends with Alexa. You’ll never hear me walking around the house yelling “Hey, Google.” But when you put my ass in the C40, I’d much rather yell something out than press a button. What can I say, I’m a mom, I’m used to barking behind the wheel.

Volvo partnered with Google to not just add Android Auto but to enable Google Assistant in the vehicle. So you can yell out all kinds of stuff and the car makes it happen. Watch me do this in my latest video:

If this is what the future of EVs looks like, I’m down. Plus the interior is leather-free and the carpet is 97% recycled bottles. With moves like this, maybe our planet will still be around in 2030! What can I say? I’m an optimist.

Well done (again) Volvo. Mama digs this.

4 thoughts on “I Saw The Future: 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge”

  1. Motorhead mama, the respect is mutual. My comment was focused solely on the exterior color, not interior color/material combinations. I don’t recall seeing two-toned SAAB exterior paint combos, other then the cabriolets with contrasting soft top fabric, but then again I’m not a SAAB expert. I dig on design and have great respect for fellow ID’ers who push the boundaries on color, pattern and style, but I am also a stickler for continuity of form. Material combos, color and texture transitions can make or break the overall design statement, which I think we can agree on. – David ID

    1. motorheadmama

      Agreed! I’m gonna have to find a photo of my beautiful Saab.

  2. MM – The XC40’s rear is a thing go beauty, as you so eloquently point out. but what gives with the contrasting roof-line/body color combos these days?!? You need to address this styling abomination and call it for what it is, ugly Even at the high end of the cost spectrum, like two-tone Land Rovers, are not an attractive look. This 50’s/60’s design aesthetic which started popping up several years ago, should have stayed stayed ancient history. But I guess like many human “endeavors” we are doomed to repeat history. -David ID

    1. motorheadmama

      David, David, David.
      While I respect your opinion, I can not agree. I am a proud two-toned Saab owner and later, I even indulged in the two-tone Rover interior. And I like the Volvo’s interior, ESPECIALLY those prints. They are rad. You’d better get used to them, for as more consumers request vegan interiors (yup, it’s a thing), you’ll see more funky leather alternatives. Muh, muh, Mama

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