Bumper Stickers Are Back: Mama’s Top 5

My mom used to tell me, if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. Now this was much more of a justification of her borderline hoarder personality, but bottom line– she was right. From the divine (vinyl records, written notes, brown liquor) to the dreadful (trucker hats, shoulder pads, brown liquor) every trend seems to have its second day in the sun.

For the past decade, most people have left their car bumpers squeaky clean– defiled only during election years and then a few years later, when they look to have that elected official impeached. But now, it looks like we’re back on the bumper sticker bandwagon and I couldn’t be happier:
On an Oldsmobile, nonetheless, I won’t dispute that..

And the new ones aren’t your grandma’s bumper stickers either. They’re clever:
Bumper Sticker Whiskey is my Yoga
they’re progressive:
and sometimes so smart that it takes me more than a minute to get it:
Bumper Sticker Beer
Oh, you got that right away? Good for you. I’m a natural blonde, so my stupidity is attractive. So there.

But whether they’re homegrown:
Bumper sticker chocolate
or high brow hipster:
Bumper Sticker Records
I’m just so happy to have them back. And now that the bumpers are on board, I think it’s now time for the boob sticker revolution:
MHM Bumper Sticker
Thank you Twin Turbo! If you’d like to join the boob sticker revolution or even want one for your bumper, just hit me on my “contact mama” page.

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