Dear Car & Driver, My 10 Are Uglier

This week, Car & Driver published their list of “The 10 Ugliest Cars For Sale Today.” While I appreciate the effort, I’m concerned that some serious contenders were omitted from the list. If you’re not rushing to buy one of the 10 ugliest cars mentioned, then this page about purchasing a new vehicle and number plates will help find the right one for you.

 Thus I present to you– The Official Motorhead Mama Rebuttal.

#10. The Mini Coupe.  You guys seriously think that the Paceman is uglier than the Coupe? I’m astounded.  Because this Mini fan throws up in her mouth a little every time she catches a glimpse of this travesty:



#9. The Toyota Prius.  I realize that the best selling car in California is my personal punching bag, and I don’t care if you put a “C” “V” or even “Plug In” after it, the Prius may be good for the environment, but it’s certainly not helping anybody’s view.


#8. The Nissan Leaf.  I can only imagine the team at Nissan, “Hey Toyota, you think the Prius is ugly? We’re gonna one up you!” Congratulations– mission accomplished.


#7. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Since I’m picking on the plug ins, let’s throw this one in the mix.  Because if you can’t make your car look attractive at the LA Auto Show, you may as well pack it in.


#6. The Nissan Juke.  I’m a Nissan fan, but who are we kidding– they sure have been playing with the ugly stick a lot recently.  And this one takes the cake!


Suffering from ugly exhaustion? Me too. Here’s a little something to ease the pain:


Ah, that’s better. Now back to business.

#5. The Audi S7. Oh, shut up.  Just because Audi is the new “cool car” doesn’t mean that when you first saw this one you didn’t think, “That car looks like an enormous poop.” Don’t kid yourself.


#4. The Scion XB.  Yes, it’s cute. Yup, it’s cool. Yup, it looks like a toaster and that’s hilarious.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not ugly.  Pugs are ugly too and some people like those.  You can keep them both.


#3. The Volvo C30.  It was hard to pick a Volvo I liked the least, but this one is particularly revolting.


#2. The Land Rover Evoque.  I’m sincerely hoping they’re tweaking this model, because it could be cool. But until then, it looks to me like a someone pulled a Range Rover out of the car crusher just in the nick of time and slapped a new name on it. Weird.


#1. And the #1 Ugliest Car– The BMW 5 Series GT. Yes, Car & Driver, you had this on your list too, but since it’s such a dog, I’m posting her again. No alibi– this Mama says it’s ugly.


4 thoughts on “Dear Car & Driver, My 10 Are Uglier”

  1. I think Mitsubishi i-MiEV should be at first place. It is too ugly model, with design of no sense. I don't know what desginers of Mitsubushi were thinking while designing this car.

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