Dear Mr. President: Mama’s Economic Recovery Plan

Yesterday on Twitter, my friends at Jalopnik asked the intriguing question “Would you trade America’s Car Market for Europe’s?”  And my answer is– Yes, please. I’ll take both. That’s why I’m planning a European Invasion.  Who’s with me?

Europe’s economy is in the toilet and we’ve got plenty of our own problems at home.  So I figure let’s take some of our good ole American opportunism, cross the pond and grab some cars while they’re crying into their croissants. It’ll create jobs (those old Alfas aren’t going to fix themselves), increase our automotive eye candy here (God knows that’s good for my business) and when things settle down (or we need some good will after attacking an ally) we can sell them back to them and make huge profits.

Consider the opportunities:

The lovely Peugeot (yeah that says Diesel, they’ve got those too!):

Alfa Romeo (so pretty and so lonely over there):

And if you think the new Maseratis are cool, how’s about a few of these?


Maybe a Renault or two, while we’re at it:

Don’t laugh, that little Franco-rocket ship could out lap a Ferrari in its day..

I’m not saying that Europe doesn’t deserve our support and sympathy. But they’ve had all the cool stuff for a long time (or do I have to remind you AGAIN about Formula One?). So let’s fire up a few tankers and while they’re kissing us on both cheeks, grab the turbos and run!