Dear Vintage BMW Lovers, Your Day Is Coming

A friend of mine told me the other day that she wanted to buy a Vintage Porsche and I nearly bit her head off, “THEY’RE TOTALLY OVERPRICED. NO! NO!”

Let’s face it, holding my tongue has never been my forte. (sorry Amy, love you!)

But I’m astounded by the state of the vintage car market and how some vehicles (Porsches, Broncos, Land Cruisers and American Muscle) have skyrocketed in price. Of course this is makes perfect sense, given the fact that most cars now are computers on wheels and many are craving and/or anticipating the day when we long for a little exhaust, engine noise and manual engagement.  I’m here to tell you that I’m foreshadowing the next thang. Vintage Beemers.

Of course, there’s a group of you that have always been on board. But the next generation of American kids just haven’t discovered the glory of early BMWs. To them, this is a Vintage Beemer collection:

Sure, there are some BMWs that are always going to be rare and in demand.  But because Bavaria hasn’t remade any of their true classics (the 2002, the 850–yet, the m1), they are sitting in history like glorious little gems of goodness for you to snatch up with your spare cash.

I have a friend with this delicious 635 sitting in his driveway that I like to uncover and stare at in amazement whenever I drop my kid for a playdate. Sure, I know this is weird, but –Those tail lights!  The elongated back seat!  It’s all too good. And while the new 6 series is fine, it just can’t hold a candle to this:

And how about the ones you never knew about:

Or forgot were so spectacular:

Vintage 8 series BMW

Or is the i8’s grandpapa:

Vintage BMW m1

So if you’re not as clever as my friend The Sexy Mexy:

Get yourself a Vintage BMW, or just hold on to one forever and wait for both of you to become collector’s items:


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