Dog Bless America: Why Dogs In Cars Rock

This Independence Day, I’m thinking about dogs.  Because the only thing that’s better than driving a great car on a beautiful road is doing so with a canine co-pilot. And there’s no better image of freedom than a dog with its head gleefully perched out of a car window, with the wind rushing through its gums– except for this dog in a Mercedes convertible rolling down Melrose:

dog in a convertibleSo here’s to dogs of all shapes and sizes and how they enhance our automotive experience.  Here’s to you, dogs in old school trucks:

dog in a pickup Here’s to you, dogs who wear sunglasses in truck beds & dogs who wear helmets in side cars:

dog in a sidecarAnd to dogs who love us, no matter what we drive:

dog in a strollerFrom dogs who love car shows:

dog behind the wheelTo dogs who love showy cars:


From the old sweetie who captured my heart on PCH:


To the big devil who almost ripped off my arm at Vons:


Our lives, our country and our cars are better with dogs.  So grab your water bowl, your best friend, your car keys & your lint roller– let freedom reign!

This post was co-written by Gunner:

Gunner the dog

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