Only In LA: Our Prius Playhouse Is Such Fun

It was recently announced that after 2 years of being the top selling car in California, the Toyota Prius has been knocked out of the #1 slot by the Honda Accord.  And, I’m not gonna lie, this makes me sad.

Mainly because I’ve had so much fun Prius bashing.  It’s been such an easy target: a soulless, soundless, hatchback with about as much sex appeal as a naked Rob Ford selfie.  It’s been the butt of most of my jokes, and now that it won’t be everywhere, I’m gonna miss it.  Honda bashing is far less amusing.  And what about my kids’ favorite game: “Count the Silver Prius”?  What the hell are they going to do now? Play “Count the White Accord”?  Ug, Toyota, help a sistah out.

In the mean time, in true California style, I’m gonna focus on gratitude.  (You’re welcome, Oprah)  For, in the past three years, the Prius has brought me so much pleasure & pain, I think it deserves a bit of recognition.  So thank you Ninja Prius:

Ninja Prius

Thank you for looking so stealth– even if you’ve got the turning radius of a John Deere.

Thank you, Brazilian Prius:


For as angry as I am about how you clog the carpool lane, at least I don’t have an entire country hating me.  Good luck with those crazy World Cup fans.  

And thank you Prozac Prius:

PCH Prius

I’m feeling more Rellaxed already– oh wait, no. That’s boredom. Probably because I’m driving a Dustbuster.

But you’re not all bad. They say the price of gas is down, due to reduced demand– and for that, I thank you.  You also managed to make a $20k Japanese car the hottest status symbol in Hollywood, which is no small feat. Last, but not least, you’ve helped me identify the d-bag drivers on my local streets, so thanks for that too.  Now I hear Volvo is developing an “Prius fighting” SUV who will beat your mpg.  I think I smell my next nemesis.  See ya Prius, it’s been EV.

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