Drive Bys: What Is Street Art?

LA is full of dynamic, museum-quality, first-rate street art. We've got some Shepard Fairy floating around–  that's fantastic.  Banksy's been here, or so I'm told.  That's great if you're into that kind of stuff.  I think that's beautiful. But you know what is equally beautiful? This:


Because while art is important, making me laugh at an intersection is equally valuable.  Especially because I've thought of those lyrics a million times when I've encountered a stop sign. Come on, you know you have too. 

Sometimes people deface traffic signs not to create art, but to push their political agenda. Which can also make you think:


However, I'm thinking beef jerky is delicious & you can go enjoy that Tofurkey without me. Thanks.

You know what else I enjoy?


Seeing this guy slapping a penis on a stag.  Why? Because I'm incredibly immature & have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy.  So maybe I'm not going to troll the streets of East LA for the world's best mural. But I'm more than happy to burn rubber through the streets of my beloved city to discover how defacing a traffic sign can put a little levity into our daily drive.  Thank you kid with the black Sharpee, dude with the exceptionally accurate stop sign font– you guys may not be Picassos, but your "work" is priceless to me.



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