Dude, Or Douchebag: Bronco

This week, in honor of the 19th Anniversary of the OJ Simpson freeway chase, I would like to salute the Dudes & the Douchebags that have driven this classic Amerian vehicle.

When I met my husband, he drove a Bronco– it stank like day old Big Macs and even older moldy wetsuits (hands off, ladies, he’s all mine) which is precisely what a Bronco is for, enjoying the magic that is the Southern California lifestyle.  Apparently, a Bronco is also well suited for zooming up the 405 while you create your alibi for your wife’s murder, but I digress…

Thanks to the short expiration date on the American memory, the classic Bronco is back and being restored right and left.  You’ve got your matte black in Santa Monica:


To your moss green in West Hollywood:


And because this is one of the few popular American vehicles that hasn’t been remade (yet), I am delighted to see these guys fixing up their Broncos and parading them around the streets of LA.  Total Dudes.

Especially when they do manly things like go to Home Depot:


Right on.

But what is a Douchebag move is Beverly Hills shopping in the Bronco:

IMG_3201That’s lame.

So to review, it’s lumber..yes.  Louis Vuitton..no. Oh and murder, that’s bad too. Don’t be a Douchebag.


3 thoughts on “Dude, Or Douchebag: Bronco”

  1. Fave writer. Best in West.. Longin’ to
    Place somethin’ of yrs in nxt Wimpole
    Street Gazette! ( you are so right about
    Stars and cars. Maroon Cadillacs with
    Drivers were much loved. .. If you’re
    Trying to remember lines you want to
    Scrunch in back going over script with

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