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Dude Or Douchebag: El Nino Vehicle

This El Nino thing is getting real here in Southern California.  Of course I, like the next person, love to crack jokes about our mild weather and the widespread panic that ensues when a sprinkle drops from the sky.  However, once people’s homes start sliding down mountains, we must take El Nino seriously. Thus, let’s consider what is appropriate (or inappropriate) in the newly formed category of preferred storm-stricken chariot:

If you’re brave enough to grab a BFF & some beers and get dirty in a FJ40, Mama thinks you’re a dude:

Muddy Land Cruiser kicks El Nino's ass!

As El Nino dumps all over our mountains, skiers & snowboarders rejoice.  However, to get there like a dude you can put chains on your Cayenne or rock the Snowcat Mercedes Van:

Mmmm... Snowcat Mercedes

I’m not sure if this one is the stupidest move in the world, or the most badass. Here’s the Lamborghini king of San Diego:

He either:

a) Knows that vehicle really well, knew it would be fine in the water and went forth with full confidence.


b) Calculated that when he bought that Lambo he also bought full dbag rights and went forth because he couldn’t stand to lose 12 feet of his commute behind that GMC.  The good news is that he probably hosted his very own El Nino in his underpants.

But regardless of the outcome of the Lambo/El Nino encounter, no one will ever out-douche this Prius:


Because if there’s one thing more douchey than a submerged Lambo Gallardo, it’s a Prius that drives slower after its El Nino mod.

I’ve shown you mine, you show me yours. What are you driving to make it through El Nino and how’s that working out? Even better, show me some of the 4 wheeled magic in your neighborhood. Twitter: @motorheadmama Facebook: @motorheadmama or comments will do.


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