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7 Reasons Why 2015 Didn’t Suck

Let’s be real, 2015 had a lot of bad news. Paris, Syrian refugees, Nepalese earthquake and shootings, shootings and more shootings.  So many icons fell from grace: Bill Cosby, VW and dare I say bacon?  My cat ran away and my mother died.  It’d be easy for me to cover myself in cocaine and Nutella and spend 2016 binging on Netflix.  But, my friends, I’m here to tell you that the automotive universe will save us all and here are the indisputable signs:


7) Volvo bought Polestar

You’re like, ‘Who Cares? I don’t drive a Volvo and I don’t even know what Polestar is.’  Well, if you’ve ever wanted a safe car but at the same time, craved a vehicle in which you can smoke that bitchy PTA clown in her lazy Prius? You’re in luck, Volvo is gonna help make that dream a reality.

You can gaze at Space Mountain, or this Duesenberg.

You can gaze at Space Mountain, or this Duesenberg.

6) The Pete Is Back

LA’s iconic Petersen Museum is back and better than ever.  Even if you’re just an occasional LA tourist, this is great news. Now there’s one less day you need to spend at Disneyland . You’re welcome!

2015 Ford GT

The new Ford GT.

5) So Is The Ford GT

You may not think this is the most important high performance car of all time, but believe me, it’s close. (I’ll tell you more about why next week). And the new design is so beautiful, it makes girls scream..especially this one…

2015 Mercedes autonomous car

Mercedes’ take on the autonomous car may be fugly, but it’s pimp.

4) Autonomous Driving Is Real

Why would that be a good idea? Well because traffic blows and people are idiots, so let’s let the machines take over sometimes.

3) IndyCar & Off Roading Get Boobs

It was announced in 2015, that Indycar is about to get its first all female racing team, Grace Autosports.  We also got the incredible news that The Rebelle Rally is coming in 2016. It’ll be the first US all female off road race!  If you’ve seen the mothers in my ‘hood zoom over the curbs at drop off, you know, this is going to be epic.

2015 launch Fiat

Part Miata, part Fiat Abarth, and that’s good thing.

2) The Fiata Dropped The Mic

In 2015, the MX-5 (Miata) hit the streets and the Fiat 124 Spider was finally re-released. This is terribly exciting because just when we all thought we had to sell our kidneys to afford drive a fun, manual vehicle we were saved by these fun, adorable coupes.

And the most exciting thing that happened in 2015 and should reassure us all that the future is bright is…

1) A girl like me got to do stuff like this:

2015 Pebble Beach

Mama spends some quality time with this Alfa Romeo in Pebble Beach.

I drove cars from LA to New York to Spain and Pebble Beach and back again.

I wrote a book about cars (it’s a draft..but whatever, it’s done).

I met people from the age of 4 to 94 who are passionate about cars.

I got to do this every day.

I got to talk to you.

I have the best job in the world and am so grateful that you came along for the ride.  Buckle up, next year is going to get even crazier..


4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why 2015 Didn’t Suck”

  1. As always, funny as hell – HNY to you Amelia – and thanks for the many laughs and insights of 2015..

  2. Modern Mama

    Hey I’m all for smokin’ that PTA bitch in her Prius – tell us more!

  3. Hey MHM … Great post …. a fun read !!

    Have a great New Year, I will be in touch soon to plan a West Coast GS strategy … Wishing you a happy, healthy, mad motoring New Year.

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