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Dude, Or Douchebag: Offroad Edition

Hummer H3T Alpha

Before I get too judgmental, let’s admit it, most of us have that SUVs just so we can see over the other SUVs. Not because we’re going rock hopping any day soon.  And lots of women wear padded bras, so I’m not going to come down TOO hard on you dudes that add lifts, lights, tents and other useless accessories for the city dweller. Sometimes it looks cool:





and sometimes, it’s way to clean:







Ok, Mister. I like a Defender as much as the next girl (my mom had one in the 70s–the original motorhead mama) but really?  Unless you just drove in from the Camel Trophy, I’m pretty sure you can take the tent off the roof.  Or the lights?  A little extra, sure. But SIX extra– what are you compensating for?  The winch is cool, you never know when you might run over a Prius in Beverly Hills and need to get out of a jamb.  Bull bars?  Yeah, the homeless do like to smash headlights in Santa Monica. It’s just them all put together that are making you a Douchebag.