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Freak of The Week: Beachside Van Man

I just spotted this fab Beachside Van Man:

Beachside Van Man

What the hell is that, you ask?   I have no idea.  But I know I’m lovin’ it, mainly because it represents everything that’s missing here on the Westside of LA.  It’s thrifty, it’s wacky and it doesn’t give two spark plugs about what you think. First of all, he’s got the homemade bull bars complete with lights and spirals. Like they say down on the farm– nothing keeps the cattle away like bright Curly Qs.

Then there’s the “paint job”:

Beachside Van Man

You can forget your fancy plastic films or factory vinyls– this man’s rockin’ the black duct tape.  If that’s $20 well spent, I dunno what is.  (He’s wise to save his money, because that’s a $130 parking ticket on his dash)  Then there’s the roof:


A wine rack & a trumpet? It’s too cool. Dinner & a show!  Good thing you’ve got a ladder because you never know when you may find yourself stuck on the 405 craving a bit of Cab Sav with a side of Chet Baker.

But, as every smart girl knows, if you judge a man solely on what’s happening upstairs, you may miss an opportunity downstairs: 


Now those are mud flaps.  Home grown & touting the Toyota, baby.

I’m lovin’ this dude & all of his grassroots madness.  A true breath of fresh air in a city that can so often be an endless array of fancy cars with fancier aftermarket parts and upgrades.  This is a man that knows what car culture is all about– self expression on wheels.  Congratulations sir, you are my Freak Of The Week.

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