Freak Of The Week: Plutonium Prius

Oh Prius. I know I tend to pick on you. But, let’s face it, you tend to bring it on yourself.  Like this little number recently spotted by a beloved Mini Motorhead in the valley:


At first, you think ‘That’s cool. Green flames? Way to differentiate your Liberal-mobile!’  That’s a tall order in these parts.  But then you get a better look:


Oh no!  This isn’t what I think it is.  It couldn’t be.  Please tell me it’s not:


A Back to the Future Superfan!  God help me…

This is a little phenom we have here in the Hollywood-adjacent hills of Southern California.  People who are so into movies that they flock to the homeland like Jews to Israel (ok, maybe that’s totally different) or Mormons to Utah (again, not historically accurate, but you get my drift).

We have the Disney weirdos: (also a FOW title recipient)


The Tinkerbell babes (2013 FOW winner read here) :


And the Barbie fanatics:


Oh snap, that’s Paris Hilton’s car. Sorry!  But if the stiletto fits.. (2014 FOW)

Anyway, after photo #2, it became clear that this person is so obsessed with Doc Brown & the McFlys that they decided a full on Prius conversion was in order:


And it was no small task. This person put some serious thought into their Toyota time machine.

Of course, we gear heads tend to get a little caught up in the whole DMC-12 detail, but that probably isn’t practical for commuting from his mom’s basement to Universal Studios.  I know I’m being bitchy, but it’s upsetting.  My Mini Motorhead probably hasn’t even watched ‘Back To The Future.’ She couldn’t begin to understand the intersection of exotic car and popular culture that the DeLorean DMC-12 represented at that time. For many of us, it would be the first and possibly only time we’d get to lay eyes on that insane stainless steel, butterfly-doored masterpiece– and Robert Zemekis knew that, which is why he wrote it into the script.

Now, when kids in this neighborhood watch ‘Back To The Future’ they’re gonna think about a hybrid car that clogs the LA streets like tampons in a toilet bowl. The saving grace is that the DeLorean is being made again, so salvation awaits.  I’ll tell you guys all about that later. For now, I leave you with the infamous wisdom of Doc Emmett Brown: “If you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?” Hell yeah!

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  1. Collins says:

    HAHAHAHA. This post cracked me up! I am not a fan of the Prius. They are so poorly designed yet everyone drives them as a badge of noble sacrifice, as if to say I care so much about the environment I’m going to drive the ugliest, most gutless car to prove my commitment to all things Green. And this person has now defiled arguably one of the best movies of all time. Unbelievable. Thank you for this post! So entertaining.

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