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Freak Of The Week: Wacky Volvo Wagon


Don’t bother straightening your screen people, this wacky Volvo wagon’s more crooked than Congress.  Spotted by a reader here in Topanga Canyon, this 1965-ish Volvo (Amazon) 122s wagon is a doozy!

Now, if you’re wondering what’s under this post-apocalyptic masterpiece, this is what this nice, sweet wagon would look like under normal circumstances:


(photo & more info on Station Wagon

Meanwhile, here in the crunchy LA community of Topanga Canyon, where people name their kids things like Rainbow &  Hallelujah (I sh*t you not. Awesome, right?) somebody got their hands on Grannie’s beloved kiddie karter and wreaked Steampunk havoc all over it:


At first glance, one may assume that this is the work of a frugal hippie or perhaps the pothead kid slinging lattes at the local coffee joint (I’m still waiting for a tall drip from 2011, btw). But upon closer inspection, this is undoubtedly the work of… an artist.  No, this is no Calder art car & the Petersen‘s not coming to call any time soon, but it’s obviously put together with artistic intentions. Check out that grille– repurposed from a H2 Hummer, the wood trim is pretty baller too. And for a guy who won’t shell out any dough to replace rear windows, he’s sure put a lot of effort into re-mastering his headlights. And it all works!

The one aspect that baffles me is the 4 roof racks, that’s a new one. Shortboard vs longboard?  Snowboard vs skis?  I’d like to imagine is something far less conventional.  Perhaps different sized pogo sticks, or maybe he’s a sign spinner and alternating between Subway & Gold 4 Less requires different transportation needs.  I have no idea. But we both know, whatever the’s freaky.  Thus I love it!

You go crazy Volvo dude, order us a couple brews at Mimosa and I’ll see you in three years.

3 thoughts on “Freak Of The Week: Wacky Volvo Wagon”

  1. I love it. I’m with you on wanting to peek in the windows but sort of glad I can’t!

  2. Jessica

    Awesome. Loving the patina.Do those tear windiws have leather, canvas or metal snapped on them? SO want to look inside!!

    1. motorheadmama

      Canvas! I agree.. Tempting to peek in, although I’ll bet it smells bad!

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