Freak of the Week: Wolfman Jimmy

There’s a truck parked in my neighborhood that my dog Gunner likes to pee on. Don’t believe me? Here’s Gunner in the left side of the photo..approaching his target:
Wolfman Jimmy

But who can blame him. Especially because the object of his affection is this magnificent GMC Jimmy +Homegrown trailer + Campershell combo. Here’s a better look:

Wolfman Jimmy

Yes that’s a chopped off truck bed. And yes, both the trailer and the Jimmy are yellow and hell no, they don’t match.  But if you think that little detail keeps them from being awesome, you’ve got another thing coming. First of all, this sh*t is custom:

Wolfman Jimmy

And yes, that’s some real fine wolf bidness woven discreetly into the pin-striping.  This is the sort of fine craftsmanship that makes your matte black wrapped Mercedes look like a joke.  Oh and you think covering a Range Rover in velvet is cool? Well how many feathers do you have on your dash, Khloe?

Wolfman Jimmy

Don’t miss the wolf in the corner, also. There’s certainly a theme here. One of nature, independence, mysticism and freedom.  This is a guy that certainly doesn’t want to be nailed down to the man (or pay taxes).

Wolfman Jimmy

But in all honesty, I look forward to seeing this truck every day. Because it just makes me happy. In LA, we see tricked out cars all of the time. And sure, it’s easy to impress and delight people when money is no object.  But when you’re living in your ride, you don’t always focus on the details. Not Wolfman Jimmy. The best part of it all is that the one and only time I spotted this guy, he looked like the happiest man on Earth:

Wolfman Jimmy

Hey- if Kardashians can drive with dog on their laps, then Jimmy can cruise down the boulevard strumming his guitar behind the wheel dammit. ‘Merica!

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