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Freak of the Week: Laker Fan Van

So you think you’re a Laker fan. Really? Why is that? Because you bought a season pass?  You slapped a bumper sticker on your Prius? A vanity plate on your Merc? Or perhaps your ass has a Laker tattoo? Well, this guy laughs at you:

When this guy drives down the road, you don’t sit back and wonder what he watches on ESPN. There’s no question where he thinks Shaq belongs.  A decision like covering your entire cargo van in your team’s colors doesn’t really leave room for fan ambiguity.

And he’s no fair weather fan, either.  He’s not just interested when they’re in the Play Offs. This man is a LAKER FAN 4 LIFE! That’s a long time.

Laker Fan 4 Life

I’ll admit, that find this type of decision hard to relate to. I can hardly commit to a lip gloss.  His fan status isn’t limited to basketball either, the King of Pop also got a bit of real estate on the glorious Laker Fan Van.

Laker Fan Van

Ok so, let’s not ignore the elephant in the parking lot: This Van Is Also..Ugly AF.  It’s so ugly that the mama Dodge Ram Van actually kicked it outta the crib.

But here’s the thing:

By loving the Lakers, he also loves LA.

I love LA.

So I love him too.  Plus, when I saw this hideous van like a jewel in a sea of Silver Priuses, it made my day.  Long live the Laker Fan Van!

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