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Get Your 2021 Volkswagen Arteon On


When you think beautiful, eye-catching styled German sedan you probably think Mercedes, Audi, or maybe a BMW (from about 10 years ago, before they started designing with crayons). And when you think about a VW sedan, you probably think about the reliable, yet sometimes boring, Jetta. Enter the 2021 VW Arteon.



The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Arteon is its styling. Reworked for 2021, the Arteon reminds you that its cousins are Porsches and Audis and with looks like this, it won’t be dismissed as the country bumpkin any longer. But is it worth considering over its rivals? Let’s take a look.


  • My daughter loved the look of the Arteon and at one point said, I thought it was a Mercedes.
  • That red, sigh…
  • It drives really well. Never did I wish for more horsepower (in sport mode) and it felt distinctly VW in its handling (think GTI, not Jetta).
  • The infotainment is one of the easiest to navigate. Clean, clear, and intuitive.
  • The safety systems are solid (see the video for more info).


  • Some of the interior finishes aren’t fancy. If you’re looking to impress people, this car probably won’t do it.
  • The best one (and highest trim level, the SEL Premium R Line) is $46,995, which may sound like a lot for a Volkswagen.


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To Arteon Or To Not Arteon? The Verdict

If I were in the market for a four-seater sedan, I would certainly entertain this car. I was really happy driving it and was honestly sad to see it leave my driveway.

It’s important not to get freaked out by the sticker price because we both know that it’s really the incentives at the dealership that will make or break your purchase. VW is always really generous. Also, it’s usually wiser to drive a fancy VW than it is to drive a cheap Mercedes or Audi. Why? Just look at the lot at CarMax, it’s full of entry-level luxury vehicles.

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