How Safe Is The Volvo V60 Wagon?

how safe is the volvo v60 wagon?

Of course I asked the woman in charge! So my love affair with Volvo’s new cars is no secret. I mean, just look at the sexy thick rear of the new V60:

volvo v60 safety

See my full review of the S60 here. But during this drive, I also got a chance to shoot some video of the car and more importantly, to interview Malin Ekholm, VP of Volvo Cars Safety Centre who was fascinating!

V60 safety volvo

She gave me great insights on the new ways that Volvo is improving its safety technology and frankly, saving lives. Plus, I take you inside the V60 and explore some of its beautiful design details. I dig it and hope you will too!

1 thought on “How Safe Is The Volvo V60 Wagon?”

  1. The V60 is a very nice car but try changing CDs in the CD Player when driving the vehicle. It’s the most dangerous CD player (for location) I’ve ever come across.


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