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Is The Jaguar iPace Worth $69,500?

I’ve been so excited to tell you guys how much I love the Jaguar iPace! But before I do, let me apologize to Doug DeMuro for stealing his headline format. It (probably) won’t happen again. If you’ve never watched a Doug DeMuro video, DO IT! You can thank me later. But watch my video first..thanks!

OK, back to the iPace. Between you, me and well..the worldwide web.. I secretly would love a smaller, more fuel efficient ride. But I love my car. I love LUXURY! I love PERFORMANCE! And I love scaring small children with my mad driving skills! Hey don’t judge, you probably have a flaw too..

jaguar ipace

But the exciting news is that the Jaguar iPace checks all of those boxes! I swear. I mean what else can do this to my face:

jaguar ipace

Is it worth $69,500? The short answer is, more than most. But here’s the thing to consider about that number. First of all, you’ll never pay it. Until further notice, the government will give you a tax rebate of $7,500 (unless you make too much money and that case: boo hoo!). Plus, most states will give you something (California offer $2,500) and many cities have additional EV incentives (So Cal Edison offers $450). And don’t get me started on leasing vs buying cars at this point in our technological journey…

jaguar ipace

Long story short, this is absolutely a vehicle you should consider if you’re thinking about a luxury EV. I honestly had so much fun driving the iPace that I STILL spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about it. Give it a whirl.

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