I Saw The COVID Signs (And They’re Great)

covid good signs

Walking around my neighborhood in Topanga Canyon, there are things I expect to see. Like Priuses, Teslas, hippies playing the bongos, or even a naked neighbor (you bet his hairy ass I saw one, it wasn’t pretty). But what I didn’t expect to find mid-pandemic were the handmade signs that my neighbors started putting in their gardens, in their driveways, and on their cars. And I’m here to tell you, they’re awesome. Let’s go:

covid good signs

This one was so captivating that Gooby and Gunner insisted that we stop to analyze it. The more we walked, the more it made sense:


Ok, so it doesn’t entirely make sense. Did I mention that people up here do a lot of drugs? It’s a thing. But it doesn’t mean they’re any less wonderful. Check this out:

COVID signs Topanga

Isn’t that lovely? A proper thank you sign, which is pretty spectacular given that it was too much work to change the URL above it, but that’s neither here nor there. It doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

COVID signs

This one is particularly touching. If you can, zoom in on some of the subtexts– they range from the endearing (‘I love you’), to the confessional (‘I’m scared’), to the inspirational (‘Hold on to your fire’), to the inevitably bizarre (‘We have to use our superpowers’)– umm, ok, why don’t you go first then? Regardless, its overall intention is positive so I’m down.

And to prove to you that we’re not that different from where you live, there’s also this:

COVID keep calm and carry on social distancing

Because this is Topanga, pigs are also flying (yup, drugs).

This stuff is hard. Locking down, staying distant and staying positive, but I’m here to tell you people, there’s good in the world and we will get out of this. Just hold on to your fire, use your superpowers, and keep social distancing.

Are there cool signs in your neighborhood? Share them in the comments below on social media @motorheadmama. Remember, Mama loves you.

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