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Kids & Cars: What Will Gen Z Drive?

Kids & Cars. Who cares right? Just put ’em in the back seat, plug ’em into a device and hope they shut up.

But kids know a lot more about cars than we give them credit for (see my Mini Motorhead Series). ┬áThis weekend, I went to the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica to ask kids which cars were cool, which cars weren’t and what they thought they’d drive when they grow up.

The answers are anything but expected.

Check out the video here & please send me your feedback via Facebook or Twitter #kidsandcars :


2 thoughts on “Kids & Cars: What Will Gen Z Drive?”

  1. Modernmama

    Damn. This brought me back. I always drove “cool cars” starting with a VW convertible. Swore I’d NEVER drive a mini-van. Then kids and here I am in a Honda mini-van. Time to re-evaluate my life.

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