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Dear VW, Hell Hath No Fury..

… like a Hippie scorned!

I am lucky enough to live in a hippie enclave just outside of Los Angeles.  Because, let’s face it, hippies are better than yuppies!

But here’s the thing about hippies, while they’re mainly mellow, cheery pacifists, you really don’t want to piss them off.  Here are the things that generally irritate this delicate demographic:

*Republicans (all flavors)

*Wars (all flavors)

*German automakers that charge a premium for seemingly environmentally friendly automobiles but then turn out to be liars.


I took a casual poll of VW/Audi TDI owners here in Topanga, CA and here’s what they had to say about the infamous VW Dieselgate: (click here if you have no idea what that is)

Alex: “here I was, super proud that I’d found a car that was doing relatively right by the planet, mocking the gas guzzlers out there…& it turns out that I’ve spent 4 solid years spewing 40x the legal limit of emissions into the atmosphere..awesome”

Sarah: “I bought the (Jetta Sportwagen TDI) for the safety record, the room, the mileage and the clean emissions… I love my car except for the fraud and the pollution..”

Lynne: “We feel duped, betrayed and lied to.”

Caroline: “I’m outraged by the VW scandal. I feel swindled.”

and last but not least, Amanda:

“I fantasized yesterday about reversing my car into the doorway of the dealership and leaving it running until they gave me a new car. Gorilla class action!”

So buckle VW, these people trusted you, they put their faith and their money with you.  And now, they’re pissed, they’re disappointed, they’re Farfromgroovin’.



4 thoughts on “Dear VW, Hell Hath No Fury..”

  1. I hope you don’t go take your frustrations out on a dealer or someone in service or even most of the people at their HQ that had no idea this was happening, who didn’t design, engineer and build the car and do this to allow the car to pass the ridiculously incompetent EPA testing. I am an auto journalist now, road tested 750 cars, owned a 2014 Golf TDI and sold it to a friend who had his totaled. I just say before you decide Volkswagen is evil, you let the media stop blowing things out of proportion (I don’t respect VW’s dishonesty but do you think it’s fair they are facing an $18 billion fine whereas GM killed hundreds of people with the ignition switch recall and only owes $900 million. Last time I checked human lives still mattered. Volkswagen never advertised a figure consumers could use to have some idea of how clean the emissions were. They just said “Clean Diesel Engines” which only referred to the fact that the clean, more refined diesel fuel not used by trucks but required by passenger car diesels was finally available in all fifty states. So the fuel is called clean diesel, not the engines. It’s kind of like Ford EcoBoost. You either get Eco or Boost. Never both. I posted a link to my report from New York on and I would like to know exactly how this happened before passing judgement.

    1. motorheadmama

      Hi James,
      It’s a great point. Actually, most of these people made a point of saying that they went to the dealership with an open mind and heart– knowing that they are likely being bombarded. They just feel lied to and frankly, they were.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. When I’m not driving my pollutant spewing 1962 VW I drive a “clean” VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI. I love our TDI. I just hope it doesn’t end up standing for “To Drive Illegally” and can’t get it registered next time. I’m not a big fan of the EPA but VW really blew it. We bought it for mpg, clean diesel and that torque. One of these was a lie.

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