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Only In LA: Battle Of The Bad Woody

The other day I was driving around avoiding my parental responsibilities, when I spotted this terrible, awful, fake Woody in a Sprouts parking lot in the valley:


Now I’m not saying that covering your Econoline van in an artificial wood wrap is a bad idea.  But I then I walked around to the back:


Now I am absolutely saying that wrapping your van in artificial wood is a terrible idea, especially if you’re gonna try to convince me that there are actually 2 surf board sticking out the back. Oh hell no. This may fly with your poser friends at Coachella, but not here hotstuff.

Sure, throughout history, a Woody has been pretty good at making what can be an ordinary passenger/groceries/sport equipment vehicle into something less mundane:


or even an interesting piece of automotive art.

The Calico Surfer by Legendary George Barris

The Calico Surfer by Legendary George Barris

But, as that Washington resident so aptly proved, slapping a little fake timber on a vehicle does not a Woodie make.

But apparently, Mr. Econoline isn’t the only one that missed the memo because a few days later, I saw this:


Oh yeah, that’s an Expedition.  And it’s ugly as hell. But guess what’s making it 10x uglier? Nope, not those awful wheels.


But here’s the great news about both of these cars. They’re both for sale. Perhaps these disastrous custom jobs are giving a hand full of Los Angeles car shoppers extra negotiating power.  If you’re lucky enough to score one of these eyesores, may I suggest a classier path to personalization, like duct tape:


To learn more about awesome Woodies and avoid doing something awful yourself, read up here: Old Woodies teaches people about the magic of this automotive genre. These guys buy and sell the good stuff. This piece in Popular Mechanics will crack you up.

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