Mama’s 5 Tips For A Better Car Wash (video)

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As the East Coast braces itself for #Snowmageddon2017, here in LA, the rain stopped for just long enough for us to get back to the important stuff, like getting to the car wash.  In Southern California, washing your own car is kind of like painting your own nails in NYC. Sure, some do it themselves, but most smart people have “a guy” or “a place” that do it so well that its not even worth the risk to fly solo. Plus, now that LA’s so crowded, who’s got the space? Our garages are filled with winter clothes we’ll never again and unfinished screenplays, so there’s just no room.

My “guy” is in Calabasas. The Calabasas Auto Spa, of course (read more in my Car Slut Confessions here).  For someone like myself, watching cars come and go out of that place is like a pyromaniac watching a bonfire– it probably just shouldn’t be allowed.

Mama spots a BMW B6 ALPINA in all its glory..where else?

Besides the cars, the clientele is fascinating. Who has time to wash their Bentley on a Monday at 3pm? Some dude with more money than hair.

And one automotive blogger whose kid was let out of school early for no apparent reason. But it gave me access to an expert camera girl to help with this life-altering video. Enjoy:

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