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Mama’s Full of Hope Playlist for 2022

Jon Batiste Hope

You know when you’re in an exercise class and you’re doing something awful (think squats or sit-ups) and you’re about to die and the instructor says gleefully “ONLY TWENTY MORE!” And you’re like, “F that!” That, my friends, is pretty much what happened to us all in 2021. They call it Covid Fatigue and it makes those extra 20 crunches look like a cakewalk. At this point, we can all use a little hope. If you’re needing a little pick me up, dust me off, and get back in the game playlist, please download these songs and blast them in your car. Because loud music + fast cars = nature’s antidepressant. Let’s go!

A-O-K by Tai Verdes

Fuck all the hate

Do a shimmy shake

Through a middle finger up

Down the interstate

Tai Verdes

While it’s not Shakespeare, there’s plenty of wisdom in this song’s lyrics. Plus, it’s undeniably catchy and between the handclaps and laid-back, reggae-adjacent vibe, it’s an easy tune to enjoy.

New Oldie by Snoop Dogg

Who better to tell us all to chill the hell out but the King of Kush, the Grandmaster of Ganga, the Crown Prince of Chronic, Mr. Snoop Dogg? But not just any Snoop tune, this one is particularly soothing, strong throw back to the late 70s and reminding those of you who are parents that what you listen to can, and inevitably will, influence your kids. Don’t be believe me? Just ask Snoop:

Dancin’ all day when I was younger and my momma came home

And put on her favorite song and she would sing it to me

Yeah, whether Michael or Selena, or Donnie, or Anita

I could count on her for new grooves when I needed..

Mama played it every day on her 8-track cassette

Moms played the best

That’s why I’m so fresh

Snoop Dogg

Superbloom by MisterWives

This is not the first time that I’ve recommended this song. That’s because if these lyrics resonated at the beginning of the pandemic, they’ve now aged even better, fermenting into an explosive anthem of hope which is perfect for our times.

I Deserve congratulations

Never thought that I’d survive


When you tell me I won’t make it

That’s when I



Freedom by Jon Batiste

Go ahead, try not to shake your ass. Try not to take your hands off the steering wheel during the chorus. I’ll wait..

..yeah, I knew that wouldn’t last long.

The reason we get down, is to get back up
If someone’s around, go on let them look
You can’t stand still
This ain’t no drill
More than cheap thrills (Feels like money, money, money)

Jon Batiste

This song is a good reminder that if you still have breath in your body to sing along and have a booty to move, you have no excuse not to be filled with hope.

Big Energy by Latto

A fun game to play is “Who Sampled” with this song. Your older kids may say Mariah Carey but you and I both know it’s Tom Tom Club. Regardless, Latto is a modern woman with fearless raps. Spotify may try to trick you into listening to the radio-friendly version, but then you’ll miss out on lyrics like this:

Bad bitch, I could be your fantasy
I can tell you got big dick energy
It ain’t too many niggas that can handle me
But I might let you try it off the Hennessy
Make ’em sing to this pussy like a melody
And if your bitch ain’t right, I got the remedy
It ain’t too many niggas that can handle me
Bad bitch, I could be your fantasy


Sometimes language is so specific that’s there’s no substitution. Because “Big Stuff Energy” just don’t butter my biscuit the way “Big Dick Energy” does. Read into that as much as you like.

The Whole Full of Hope Playlist

Here’s the link to the whole playlist on Spotify.

Hope 2022

Are there songs that are helping you enter 2022 with BDE? Share them with me in the comments below or on social. I’d love to do a reader roundup!

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