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Mama’s Holiday Playlist 2013

Ah, the holidays.  Time to slap on the snow tires and road trip over to the grumpy relatives place to eat, fart and repeat for 3 days straight. But before that magic begins, the holiday errands have got to be done. And, in this town, that means a sleigh load of driving.   As I drive endlessly around my beautiful city, I'm inspired by these Only In LA holiday classics:

First, near Calabasas, I spot "Showoff, The Red Nosed Beemer (Had Some Very Shiny Wheels)":


Isn't he cute? Then I cut through Topanga Canyon, where "Have Yourself A Merry Little Prius (May Your Turns Be Wide)" is the refrain.  Then I reach PCH, where preppy Palisades wife pleads to her husband "Check Your Balls For Signs of Smoking (Te-e-e-s-La, La, La, La, La)."  

Next, as I pull into the packed Santa Monica Place, I reassure myself– "Park! Well & The Angels Sing–Listen To Your Sensors Ding."  And my monster SUV is neatly squeezed into that compact space.  Walking into the mall, I overhear a kid recounting "I Saw Mommy Racing Santa Claus– In Her Tricked Out Mini Van Last Night."  Oh, so sweet.  


Of course, the Santa Monica store doesn't have what I need so I head across town to Beverly Hills where I hear a woman bitching:  "Silver Benz, Silver Benz– Time To Trade Up To A Bentley."  Sho' 'nough, sistah.


Even worse is her zit-faced kid singing "Rockin' Around My New M3: As My Christmas Tantrum Ends."  I hope Santa gives you coal, kid.

Finally, I get what I need and can finally head home.  But all the while, I'm distracted by my own Christmas Carol– "Joy To The World! The Ford Has Come! Let Mama Receive Her Keys!"  Please, Santa, I've been a good (enough) girl.


3 thoughts on “Mama’s Holiday Playlist 2013”

  1. MM,


    Looking forward to seeing you at Cars N Coffee in Irvine and hopefully at Lamborghini of Newport Beach afterwards. I didn't even realize the Mustang was the back of the SL pic. Thats pretty cool.

    If you want to mention the Mustang that would be sweet, sure it will be a nice surprise to my brother. ๐Ÿ™‚






  2. motorheadmama

    Thanks Bobby!  Yeah, that Lambo was tough to identify & I love my v12 argument.  But I'll triple check and make the change.  Thank you. Did you also want me to mention the kick ass Mustang behind the SL?

    Can't wait for the OC show. I'll be there next month.

    You and your bro rock!



  3. MM,


    My brother and I met you at Supercar Sunday and we talked about cars for a bit, I think you first mentioned something about that monstrosity the 4×4 240Z.  It was very nice meeting you. I did read a little of your blog… hilarious !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    For your post from the weekend a few small errors #8 the pic of the Orange Lamborghini is a Murcielago, the Huracan is not out yet and since its a Murci its a V12 not a V10. ๐Ÿ˜‰    but other then that love your blog…… will try and read it on a regular basis.  Maybe you can make it down to Cars n Coffee in Irvine on ever Saturday Morning usually starts around 7 but 8 am is good still. If that's too early, the first Saturday of ever month Lamborghini of Newport Beach does a Exotic Car show at 9am and I am sure you will have plenty to write about after….. for Dudes or Douche




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