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Mama’s XC60 Bloopers & Outtakes

People always tell me, “It must be so much fun to do what you do!” And they’re right, it is. They also say, “Your kids are so cute.” Sure, I guess that’s true. But it’s when they say “You must have so much fun working with them” that cracks me up.  Imagine what would happen if you tried to put your kid in your office and get stuff done. A lawyer’s office would be filled with bean bags, a money manager would have Fetty Wap playing on repeat and an accountant’s waiting room would be a sea of Cool Ranch Doritos and Silly String. This a perhaps a more accurate version of my workplace.

In short, it’s no picnic. But it can be really hilarious. So, in the spirit in of full disclosure, I thought I’d share with you guys some the ridiculous things that happened when shooting our latest video. Check it out:


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