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Motorhead Mystery: Trading an M3 for a Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST

So my friend Jesse recently traded his BMW M3 for a Ford Fiesta ST.  This upset me, a lot.

Sure, the Fiesta is supposed to be a great car..for the money. I wrote an article about it for Driving Line which made me realize what a little rocket ship it really is. And the BMW is expensive to register, insure and repair.  And the M3 is aggressive as hell and driving it in traffic is somewhat akin to walking a thoroughbred through a Farmer’s Market. Jesse recently moved to LA, so he’s got a serious commute, plus he’s got a wife and a young child, the dude has RESPONSIBILITIES! Surely this was the smart, sensible thing to do. But why did it make me want to punch him in the face?

Ford Fiesta ST

I drove his car and dug it. It was fun–zippy, nimble and responsive. Then after Jesse put some serious tuning into it we decided to go for yet another drive. I grabbed my buddy Sandy “The Professor” who has an opinion about everything.

Ford Fiesta ST

Maybe he could help me unravel the mystery of whether or not this was a good move and why I find it oh so irritating. Check out our video and see what you think:

Overall, I do think Jesse probably made the right choice. I also think that his swap made my blood boil because it represented something that I just can’t accept– sometimes, practicality wins. I would honestly commute and carpool in an Aventador if I really wanted one.  I’d rather live in a tent then live in a mansion and rock a dorky minivan.  I recognize that this is not admirable quality.  Please, don’t follow my lead. Be more like Jesse. But that doesn’t mean that Jesse wouldn’t buy back his M3 tomorrow if given the chance…


1 thought on “Motorhead Mystery: Trading an M3 for a Fiesta ST”

  1. I won’t be getting another M3 anytime soon, but I would definitely consider it sometime down the line 🙂

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