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Girl, What Chu Drivin? Range Rover Sport HSE TD6

Once again, me and my pal Melanie Batenchuk team up to review the new Range Rover Sport HSE TD6.  This, my friends, is the diesel SUV we’ve all been waiting for.  Think about it, all smart trucks are what? Diesel. And an SUV is really a..yeah, you got it.


The Diesel Range Rover Rolls Through DC

But in all of this time, the ultimate luxury SUV has never been available in a diesel here in the US.  Sounds ludicrous right? Well, damn straight. Especially when you consider that 50% of the world’s Range Rovers are diesel and in England, it’s 90%. Now we just look like idiots (of course that whole presidential election thing isn’t helping either but I digress).

So finally, finally we get the Range Rover in a turbo diesel that is sporty & styling. More accurately, Melanie gets her hands on one and we find it out if it was worth the wait..


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