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SEMA Needs A Vagina: Mama’s Top 5 Reasons (video)

SEMA stands for the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association. It’s huge annual show in Vegas is known for lots of things– cool cars, badass accessories & plenty of booth babes. But Mama thinks it needs one more– a vagina. Deal with it.

4 thoughts on “SEMA Needs A Vagina: Mama’s Top 5 Reasons (video)”

  1. Seriously laughing out loud! Sema needs more women voices for these reasons and more! There are amazing women in Automotive, let’s listen more @SEMA.

  2. One of your best! That is saying a lot because you have kept the bar really high. Loved it and the title will make everyone of us without vaginas click even if we don’t know what SEMA is….worked for me!

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