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Test Drive: 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

My friend Sam loves her Toyota RAV4. She likes to give me a hard time because when she was buying it, my reaction was “Meh.” It wasn’t that I didn’t like the car, but frankly, I was never interested in it.

Part of this is because I’m a car snob. Partly because it’s always been so damn ugly. But then they came out with this new design. And then they announced a hybrid version. Well, well, well..guess who’s just test-driven the RAV4 Hybrid?

Freya wasn't thrilled
Freya got a little sick of the photoshoot.

Is it cool?


Is it sexy?


But it’s one hell of a smart way to get around town in style while spending very little on gas. Plus, it’s perfectly Mom-friendly and has plenty of room for all of my favorite things:

The boys ❤️ it.

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