The Dogs of Overland Expo 2019

sherp overland vehicle

When I was little, my dad used to take me to dog shows so we could take pictures of people that looked like their pets. It was an activity that truly never got old. So as I headed to Overland Expo in Flagstaff this year, I figured I’d see all kinds of outdoorsy mutts with red bandanas around their necks. What I found was far more interesting.

adopt k9 vanity plate

there were big dogs

sherp overland vehicle

How do you pair a canine with the insane Ukrainian SHERP monster overland vehicle? With this gorgeous Great Dane and her faithful BFF. She’s big, black and amphibious too.

there were small dogs

dachshund overland expo

This little lady wanted nothing to do with my camera. But it is worth noting that her faux “emotional support animal” vest reads “my mom thinks I’m special” which is exactly what 99% of the other ones should honestly say. But I guess that doesn’t buy your dog’s entrance to an airplane seat.

there were fluffy dogs

dog in heart vest

Who brings a Bichon Frise to an Overland Expo? This salty old dude that couldn’t give two Rubicons if you like his little princess or not. Her dusty little paws and red bow tie rule. I got the distinct impression that this was not her first photo shoot.

there were pampered dogs

overland expo dogs

Speaking of crusty old dudes, please file him under “Guys You Don’t Expect To Own A Dog Stroller.” Way to bust through those stereotypes, brother.

beagle overland expo dogs

This little lady suffered from a fetching injury earlier in the weekend, but that didn’t keep her from attending Overland Expo.

I can’t say if this is her corresponding purple G wagon conspicuously parked amongst its less flashy friends, but I REALLY hope it is.

there were badass dogs

overland expo 2019 dogs

Saddlebags on a pit bull? Why not. Sure beats finding them on my ass. But seriously, it’s pretty cool that this rescue found a higher calling and plus, she matches her daddy’s shoes so it must be true love.

there were the usual suspects

overland expo dogs

Would you believe there were two black labs begging for food? If you’re a lab owner like me, you know what’s up. But this mother/daughter pair were the cutest bookends I saw all day.

overland expo dogs

A dog living in a Sprinter Van with her mom? Just because they’re predictable doesn’t make it wrong. This super cool couple (+ Daddy dog) roam around making off-road content. Nice work if you can get it!

In hindsight, I should be less surprised that the canine eye candy was so diverse at Overland 2019. Because the truth is, the scene was much more diverse than I thought it would be. I’ll be back, but not without my own four legged friends.

surf dog
This is the closest Goobs has gotten to overlanding thus far…

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