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Topanga Days Parade 2017: Who Let The Hippies Out?

Topanga Days.  If you’re not from here, you probably don’t know. But should you? Well, it’s certainly an acquired taste. Let’s try a little quiz—

*Do you like patchouli, second hand pot smoke, tie die t-shirts, henna & dirty hippies?

*Are you craving an environment where bras and shoes are optional and kids roam the streets like wild banshees?

*How about peace, love, live music and kick ass cars?

If you answered yes to any of the above, read on. If you threw up in your mouth, called the cops or prayed for our decaying souls, you’re gonna want to click away…fast!

Topanga Days is a 3-day festival in my chosen home town which, funnily enough, is called Topanga Canyon. At the end of the festival, every Memorial Day, the community comes together to celebrate our fallen veterans, our peace-loving community & the general Topanga vibe. Like good Americans, we celebrate by waving our freak flags loud and proud down our main drag while the rest of the country roasts hot dogs & sings the Star-Spangled Banner.

Here are a few of the best rides from the Topanga Days parade:

And because we both know you want more, here’s my little video montage of the festival and a few doozies from the parade:

To some, Topanga’s alternative observance may seem non-patriotic. It certainly isn’t how the rest of the country celebrates Memorial Day. But I’d like to think that our collective freak show is the best way to honor those who have fought for our country. Because nothing says FREEDOM more than skateboarding down CA Route 27 in Chuck Taylors & a tutu at 10am on a Monday morning.  God Bless Topanga!



2 thoughts on “Topanga Days Parade 2017: Who Let The Hippies Out?”

  1. Love your scratch and sniff remark. Also the’ Make Topanga great agin sign.’ Your witty introduction was classic motorHeadMama

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