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Tuesday Test Drive: Volvo S90 Sexy Safety, Baby

I recently capped off a week of driving the new Volvo S90 with a ride  from Montauk to Manhattan with one of my car pals. As we road in the back seat of this plush vehicle, we recapped our impressions of this beautiful ride.  The conversation may, or may not have turned to sex.Volvo S90

Here I am with my friend Holly Reich with our views on this lovely new car from one of our fave automakers:

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Test Drive: Volvo S90 Sexy Safety, Baby”

  1. Green Dean

    Volvo has done what Saab should
    Have done. The new wagon is a killer vehicle, a future fleet member for us. I have always been a Volvo fan and am so glad to see their vision be realized. Probably one of the best made cars on the road today

    1. motorheadmama

      Couldn’t agree more. When you say “Saab” I’m still sad though..

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