Tuesday Test Drive: VW Golf TDI

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I could join the ranks of those groovy, European moms that joyfully stuff their stuff and their kids into a sexy little manual diesel hatchback like the VW Golf.  So I did what any smart, vaguely desperate woman would do, I called VW and begged for a test drive.  Here are the highlights:

Highlight w VW Golf GuyOh snap, sorry! Those are the highlights I was getting when the VW fleet guy showed up with the car. We took a selfie. And that was the beginning of my amazing week with VW’s magical little car.

Here’s the video:

As you can see, the VW Golf TDI was a big hit at my house.  I was really sad to see it go. But not as sad as Gunner, who jumped in and refused to get out:



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