Mama’s Movietime: 10 Reasons Josh Duhamel Is A Dude


I recently caught up with Josh Duhamel on the set of his new film The Wrong Stuff, a biopic about famed baseball player and eccentric personality, Bill Lee.  And did his co-star is a VW Bus!  Here’s what I learned about JD:

1. He’s a car guy

The Wrong Stuff is a period piece.  During our interview, Josh (unprovoked I might add) started listing all of the great rides they had on set including a ’73 Maverick, an ’81 Chevette and of course, his co-star a VW Bus.

2. He owns a ’69 Camaro, like the one in his tv series Las Vegas.

3. He can rock a pair of 70s shorts & tube socks like nobody’s business.

photo 4

 (photo credit: Robert Wise)

When in character, you gotta dress the part. In this movie, that meant dressing like my 7th grade gym teacher. But magically, Josh Duhamel ends up looking absolutely nothing like my gym teacher.

4. He can drive a stick.


(photo credit: Robert Wise)

And could before getting behind the wheel of the finicky VW.  He admits he “almost drove it off a cliff a few times” trying to get it into reverse.

5. He don’t need no stinkin’ trailer. 


(photo credit: Robert Wise)

The Wrong Stuff is an indie movie (translation: low budget) so that meant no fancy trailers.  So Josh just made his own. He’d just pop the top of the bus and catch some zzzz’s as needed.

6. He’s a pick up kinda guy.

On the day we met, Josh arrived in his 2004 GMC Sierra Denali Pick Up which he claims he’ll never part with “that thing is incredible. It turns on a dime.”  The downside? Everyone wants to borrow it to move stuff.

7. His mom drives one too.

Josh tells me “We’re from North Dakota. Pick ups are what we drive.”  Keepin’ it real Mama Duhamel,  I like it.

8. He’s logging a lot of time in bars.


(on set at the Wrong Stuff)

Josh’s real life character, Bill Lee, is a notorious drinker, pot smoker and general non-conformist. This required Josh to do a fair amount of mock drinking at locations like this Van Nuys dive bar. In fact, he started looking pretty comfy:


9. The bus got him a lot of attention.

Josh Duhamel with His VW Van Co Star

(photo credit: Robert Wise)

“Everywhere I went in this thing, people would wave. They don’t do that in my Jeep.”  I dunno, Josh, I credit the shorts.

10. His wife’s a genius.

Fergie, I got to hand it to you, sistah. You’re beautiful, you’re talented and your thighs are upsettingly perfect (did you see the AMAs? geez..) But more importantly, you seem to have nabbed one of the good ones– he’s smart, perfectly charming, drives stick and has a pick up at the ready. What more could a girl want?

More on Josh, The Wrong Stuff and of course, the VW bus next week.



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