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Where you been, bumper sticker? Part Two

Welcome back.

OK, Now to #3. Yeah, it’s another hippie one.  It was especially good because it was on the back of a Winnebago parked in front of the West Hollywood book store Bodhi Tree:

According to this blog, Non-Judgement Day is a little further away, but that’s just a minor detail.

#2 was spotted on the back of the Scion and expresses so beautifully why, even if you’re a total car snob (it takes one to know one), it is really hard to dismiss this wonderful little tin box that is both irritating and irresistible:

That’s right “You just got beat by a toaster”– fantastic.  But not as fantastic and the #1, most Angelino bumper sticker that both sums up our fruitcake ways yet is a nod to the fact that everyone thinks we’re dumb, but on the contrary, we just don’t care if you think we’re smart:

No, not the Wyoming one. The Hokey Pokey baby!