Where you been, bumper sticker? Part One

Remember the days when there were real bumpers?  Like the kind of black, rubbery material that allowed a girl (or a boy) to nudge their way into a tight parking situation without requiring an apology note on the windshield– go ahead, judge, but I was in my 20s and wasn’t sure who was watching.

But back in those days, when people had bumpers, they also had bumper stickers and not just during election years either!  I’ve noticed in my travels that Angelinos do tend to indulge in far fewer bumper stickers than the rest of the country– maybe it’s because we all lease or maybe it’s because you don’t necessarily want to give anyone an excuse to make you the target of their road rage.  But for the few, the fearless, the brave, there are some real doozies.  Here are the top 10!

#10 for being so very Angelino, I give you:

IMG_1043#9, #8 & #7 are all on the same vehicle and speak for themselves:

#6 because turn signals are my pet peeve, they get a double mention:

#5 is a little hard to read but if you read MM, you likey the speedy so you appreciate “COPS: Racing Team” and there’s no better place for a police chase than the home of OJ:

#4 is downright hilarious especially in a  place where everyone is politically correct:


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