Yes, In Fact You Should Go To The LA Auto Show

I’m saying this before you even ask. Because we both know you’re going to. You do it every year. Short answer? Yes. Yes, you should go to the 2017 LA Auto Show. I know you hate driving downtown. You hate the crowds. Yes, it’s $15 per adult, just like the movies. Like the movies, the Auto Show will also charge you a ridiculous amount for disgusting food so eat before you come.  But, unlike the movies this is a guaranteed good time. Here are a few indisputable reasons why there’s something for everyone:

Meet The Corvette That Screams God Bless America

At a time when many of us struggle to be patriotic, Chevrolet has done us all a solid and come out with this vision of glory:

The fastest production Corvette ever made, the ZR1 delivers 755 horsepower and 715 lb ft of torque.  Yes, it is this gorgeous in person. Actually, it’s gorgeous-er.  No, seriously, that’s a word. At least it will be after you see this pretty Vette.

You Can Tell The Dorks At The Office You’ve Seen The Tesla Model 3

If you’re reading this, the chances are good you know at least one person that put down cash for this vehicle, sight unseen. In fact, Tesla got 400,000 pre-orders which totaled roughly $10 billion simply by showing a prototype.  Now it is yours to see for real! Just scoot your ass downtown. Then you can tell Bob in accounting that while he marks another “M3” on his calendar, you’ve already seen his car.

Your Kids Can See Star Wars!

Well, kind of. They can see the Nissan vehicles that have been Star Wars’ed out (again, it’s a word).  And they’re actually cool:

That’s the Nissan TITAN getting its Last Jedi on. If you have a little Star Wars person (or a big one for that matter) at home, they will freak.  Even I got in on the action! However I did get a hand slap when I tried to grab one in the Dixie Cup:

This Volvo XC40 Wants To Hide Your Stash

This perfectly bite sized Volvo CUV is great looking, fuel efficient and is the debut of Volvo’s new subscription program (for $600/month you get the car, insurance, roadside assistance and premium tire & wheel protection– think of it like buying a cell phone).

But what got me really excited about this vehicle is its adorable little compartments.  It’s got places where you can hide not only your tampons, condoms and unpaid parking tickets from your friends..but there’s also a little trash container. Oh Mama’s nuts about trash in my car! No excuses now, kids.  It’s also got a place to hand your handbag.  Bam!

You Can Go Porsche Crazy

Porsche always does this auto show really well. They’ve got their own snazzy room with plenty of new models including the 2018 Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo:

I like to call it the Panamera wagon, because that really pisses people off.  By combining a 4.0L V8 engine with an electric motor, the 2018 Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo delivers 680 hp and 626 lb.-ft. of torque, making it one of the most powerful production vehicles Porsche ever. Holy badass grocery getter, Batman!

Get To Know The New Kia That Begs For Burnouts

Yes, I said Kia. Yup.  Oh, stop rolling your eyes.  What if I told you this car was faster than the base Panamera, the A7 and the BMW 6 series and has already been named a finalist for the North American Car Of The Year. It’s no joke, people.  And Kia just announced just announced that it’s knocking off up to $6,800 off of the sticker if you chose to lease it.  A Korean no brainer. (so many jokes… )

Finally, Get In The New Jeep!

If you know a Jeep person or are a Jeep person, you’ve heard it all before. When’s the 4 liter coming out? Why can’t we have a diesel? What about that wonky soft top? Oh but don’t mess with my Jeep (eye roll)! But the Jeep dudes know what’s up and they delivered:

I was there for it’s action-packed reveal..check out the video on my Facebook page.  And I’ll be writing more about it shortly, because this is big.

But in the meantime, get off your ass and get downtown.  A few other things not to miss: the Subaru SUV (!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY), the crazy Mercedes G wagon outdoor demo, the new Saleen, Galpin’s excellent gallery and of course, the freaks downstairs. It’s open from today, December 1-10th. I’ll see there soon with my kids!



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