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Your OMG Help Me Mama Father’s Day Gift Guide

It happens every year around this time.  Like clockwork.  Just before Father’s Day, my phone blows up: “Mama! Help! I dunno what to get my dad for Father’s Day!” So instead of a traditional gift guide, let’s imagine what your Father’s Day dialogue with me would look like and what I would recommend.  Here goes nothing:

It’s clear that this person is not down for small talk:

A solid suggestion. Always..yet:

So let’s dial down the budget a bit:

….there’s a pause. Perhaps a good sign?


The cool, automotive enthusiast t-shirt, courtesy of Blipshift. Never fails. I’m feeling so good that I decide to get self righteous with my advice:

So enjoy your Dad, your Stepdad, your Baby Daddy or sperm donor this weekend.  Go to the Pete, The Porsche Experience Center or grab a shirt from Blipshift. But whatever you do, just be sure to drive– & please share your photos with Mama!

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