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Is My Daughter Really SRT Worthy?

Grand Cherokee SRT Jeep

Daughters. (epic eye roll)

You want them to have everything so they’re safe, happy and well cared for.

Yet, you want them to have nothing so they’re grounded, confident and independent.

My older daughter is getting really close to driving age and won’t shut up about how she wants a Jeep. So, like any good Motorhead Mama, I figured there was only one thing to do: A LOT of test drives.

We start with the top of the heap: the Grand Cherokee SRT.  The Jeep’s high performance luxury SUV for people like..well, me! It’s luxurious, fast, safe & badass (did I mention that it’s fast?).  I loved driving this vehicle..a lot.  But is buying one for my first born a good idea because it’s safe, strong and incredibly capable? Or is it a terrible idea because it’s fast, luxurious and.. the back seat is just a little too comfy..(if you know what I mean)? Hmmm… I took a drive with my offspring to find out:


4 thoughts on “Is My Daughter Really SRT Worthy?”

  1. motörhead mama might give motörhead daughter an old stick to start. tape player optional.

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