Freak of the Week: Sweet Kaos Surprise

The other day, my daughter was home “sick” from school.  Knowing she was full of it, I did what any good parent would do– dragged her to the pharmacy to buy the world’s worst-tasting medicine. That’ll teach her…

In the Rite Aid parking lot, we spot this:

Sweet Kaos Magnum Wagon

I ditch my coughing child and start snapping:

Sweet Kaos

Then my kid catches up & probes, “Hey Mom, who do you think drives a car like this?”  Hmmm.. tinted windows, pimp paint job, shiny wheels & then, there’s that grill:


Who slaps a Rolls Royce grill & 22s on a Magnum wagon?  Gangster? Drug dealer? Gulp. I respond calmly, “I’m not sure, but they may not be friendly. Let’s go!” Just as we start to flee the scene, “Chirp, chirp!” A woman walks up, “Excuse me.”

She unlocks the Dodge and opens the driver’s side door.  My jaw drops. “We like your car,” my daughter says. As I wait for this chic to unleash her AK47 or for a Cholo husband to pop out of the truck, she says, “It’s been a long time coming.  A real labor of love.”

Now, I’m rarely dumbstruck.  A loss for words, I never have.  But this woman totally stumped me– not only was she the owner and creator of this masterpiece, but there was a booster in the backseat and, based on appearances, she could’ve been on the school PTA.

What a joke.  Who am I– a moonlighting motorhead mother of two, to be surprised by Sweet Kaos? That’ll teach me….

4 Responses

  1. Mimi Hall says:

    Awesome!  Love it when women proudly love their bizarre vehicles!

  2. ron rader says:


    i like your sidebar picture of the E type at the petersen. it is mine.

    i also LOVE the Checker.


  3. Chuck hand says:

    Love it!!! A steller job as always. 

    How many ppl reply to your posts? I love your wit


    chuck hand


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