Hooray, Porsche Has A New Targa 4 GTS! Wait, What’s A Targa, Anyway?

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  1. Ryan M says:

    Right, every roadster is affected by the wind noise and turbulence to some level unless a good wind deflector is affixed. The one that’s installed on my ride is a Backblade wind restrictor. Now I can enjoy the open top motoring to the fullest!

  2. Deepak E. says:

    That Red Ferrari roadster is a true beast! I wish I could take that classic sports car for a spin. But the only problem I have ever faced with some drop tops is their inability to tackle the wind noise and buffeting. Lately, I had to mount an additional Windblox wind deflector to get rid of the nasty draft on my Cabrio.But still the rides on drop tops with the wind in the hair is an exhilarating experience!

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