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Mama’s Monterey Shopping List 2018

August is my favorite month to abandon my children. Sorry, but it’s true. I do a lot around here, so I think it’s perfectly cool if my husband is in charge while I head to the Bay Area to sip champagne on a seaside golf course to look at priceless cars. Good luck with that back-to-school stuff, honey. Mama’s got a date in Monterey! But...

Evaluate Your Date (In The Driveway): 5 Clues

More powerful than shoe size! More accurate than 10 tax returns! This undocumented, entirely unresearched, purely anecdotical guide will help you decipher if your potential partner is a stud or a dud. #1 Vintage: If he shows up in a car that was made before you were born, this could go two ways. If it sounds like a power boat and smells like a gas-station,...

Kickin’ It Ole Skool– LA Stylie

Kickin’ It Ole Skool– LA Stylie

Take 1 part car culture, 2 parts sunshine and 3 parts of 11 out of 12 dry months a year and what do you get?  A car collectors dream world. This, dear reader, is the wonder of LA.  Sure, it’s probably better for your vehicle to be holed up in Phoenix or Tucson, where they have 11.75 dry months, but then ..where in God’s name...

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